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Legal Translation

Bali Translator is your most trusted partner to translate personal document or institute, agency, Law Firm, Courthouse, Public notary from Indonesian Language (Bahasa) to English, Dutch, Chinese, Arabian, Italian, Japanese, Germany, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and other language.
Document that can be translated by Bali Translator are as below:

1. Legal Document
Notary Document, contract, certification and transcript, Other documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, jurisdiction verdict, Law and Regulation, Decree, Intellectual Properties and Patent, trademark, license, litigation, arbitration, insurance, and letter of authority, Power of Attorney, etc.

2. Financial Document and Business
Elementary Budget / domestic budget, financial statement, annual report, revenue plan and expense, finance note, Business Code of Ethic, correspondences, Quotation, training substance, proposal, merger, acquisition, brochure, advertisement, etc.

3. Technique Document
Automotive, hydraulic, Engineering ( civil, ocean, mechanical, electrical, Architecture), Aeronautical, Instructions, feasibility study, composition, Standard operation Procedure , etc.

4. Medical Document and Pharmacy
Medical Record, Clinical report and study, Lab result and interpretation, medical information, syllabus, leaflet, bottle label, Product Specification, journal, Directions of Use , etc.


Interpretation / oral translation often needed in meeting, presentation, exhibition and other non technical activity. This translation also referred as Quick Translation (sight translation), so oral translator (interpreter) not merely claimed to master the language of source speaker and client language but also to be able to think and act instantly.
Practically, there are two techniques of interpretation, which are :

1. Simultaneous
Interpreter translates into target language instantly, without any paused from source speaker.
2. Consecutive
Interpreter speaks as soon as source speaker stop speaking.


Bali Translator also deals with legalization of documents that will be taken abroad like academic certificate, personal, or litigation which have to pass through some bureaucratic to Ministries of Law and Human Rights, Foreign Affairs, and the embassy of the concerning country.

According to Staatblad 1909 No. 291 About Legalization Signature, the meaning of Legalization was to legalize signature of government official which was appointed by the government of Indonesia.

Some embassy also conditioned the document to be legalized, the document must first translate to the regional language, stamped and signed by Sworn and Authorized Translator.

Note: Documents can be legalized if the officer's signature on the document, fit the officer’s  signature samples that were officially stored in the Directorate of Civil Administration and the Directorate General of General Law.

Typesetting & Editing

Among our advanced services as one stop document handling, we also provide our client with document typesetting and editing which put more value for our customer. It is one of our commitment to help you save your precious time for another more productive activities than waste it for simple task of typesetting and editing.

Are you in the middle of report, proposal, or paper making? Or are you unsure about your translation result? Do not be hesitated to call us. Our language expert with excellence grammar from any kind of discipline ready to serve you.